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Contemporary Jewellery

November 01, 2016

Contemporary jewellery is difficult to put a monetary value on. Unlike traditional jewellery, such as a diamond ring or solid gold necklace, the value of contemporary jewellery lies in the idea, the process and what it is conveying.  Certainly the materials used can fit into the equation, but a contemporary brooch made from resin or a necklace made from volcanic stone, when viewed as art, can be deemed more valuable than a diamond ring.

Each piece can take hours, with everything done by hand, which can be a very different scenario from mass produced pieces, like diamond rings often are,  for example. 
Contemporary jewellery is never about how much a piece costs. A design can be emotive, intellectual or simply make a powerful statement.  It is also about self-awareness and how a certain piece makes you feel about or and how you want the world to see you.

                                           Pearl Byron Bay

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