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 Jewellery Commissions
Commissioning custom made jewellery is easier than most people imagine, and it can be more cost effective than buying from high street jewellery stores. By commissioning jewellery you get your own unique custom design, that nobody else will have.
 Most of the jewellery I showcase on my site consists of commissioned pieces I have designed and fabricated after collaborating ideas with my customers. You may want to start something new, or there is the possibility to have jewellery you no longer wear, or have inherited, remodelled into a design that is more your style. Reusing gold to make a new piece is a great way of transforming jewellery of sentimental value. The stones and metal can be recycled, which is good for your pocket, and the earth!

If you have a special occasion piece in mind, or a design that has been waiting to be realised, please email or phone me and I will be happy to discuss it further. The first consultation is free and you are not committed to make a purchase. If you are outside of the Northern Rivers area, we can make a time for a video consultation through Skype.

I only use the best materials and if requested I can keep you updated on the progress of your piece through phone calls or emailed photos. I guarantee my work to be free of fault and of high quality. If there is any issue after a piece is completed, I am more than happy to work through this with you.  

        I pride myself on my work and my customers are important to me.        Louise Shaw

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