Repairs, resizes and re-models.

 Re-energise your Jewellery

Beautiful Jewellery can be neglected if it does not fit a finger, have a sparkle or is outdated. It is usually simple and cost effective to resize, repair, or re-model Jewellery.

  Re-modeled ring louise shaw             Remodelling a ring byron bay

 After the re-model                                                             Before

The re-purposeing of gemstones or the melting and reshaping of metal is a great way to add to the sustainable practise of being a resourceful consumer in our time.

With patience and skill a trade jeweller can give your jewellery  a new lease on life. I encourage customers to bring in their  and utilise the precious jewellery they already have.   

Cameo ring Louise Shaw              Dirty cameo ring

New Band, cleaned and polished                        Before

Please contact me or send photos of your Jewellery and I can give you advice and a quote on bringing it to life.