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Repairs and Resizing

May 24, 2016

Jewellery that needs repair or rings that needs resizing, can lay for years in a drawer forgotten, but often can easily be restored. It is amazing what even just a clean and polish can do. 

I love the fact that metal is an element that can last forever, and people are starting to recycle what comes out of the earth.

Often it is easier than one thinks to revive a piece of Jewellery. Stones can be re-polished or replaced, claws re-tipped, links soldered and rings re-sized. Metal can be plated in White gold , Yellow gold, Rodium or Silver to give a completely new look, and even just a clean and polish can bring amazing results.

I am more than happy to discuss and give quotes on this kind of work, and have had a lot of experience in this area.


Byron Bay Jeweller Louise Shaw


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