Louise Shaw Jewellery is a vehicle to connect, create and be creative with people, through unique small pieces of sculpture: Jewellery.
The Jewellery I make for customers is informed by their vision and the design expertise I bring as a trade qualified Jeweller. I have enjoyed employment as a Jeweller in Londons Carnaby st; as a creative Jeweller,  sculptor and props maker in the Film industry; and a Jewellery tutor in the Stand Arcade of Sydney.
Custom making Jewellery for people is a joy to me. I love knowing through collaboration together we have formed a unique piece that will go with them or to a loved one and be cherished. 
As an artist my ideas and creativity blossom when surrounded by nature's natural beauty. I enjoy being involved in the amazing community of Byron Bay, and the creative harmonious working environments people create here.  
I hope you find the pieces here inspire you as they do me.