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I love to create and be creative with people. Through unique small pieces of jewellery, people express their style and love of design.
The Jewellery I make for customers is informed by their vision and the design expertise I bring as a trade qualified Jeweller. Custom making Jewellery for people is a joy to me. I love knowing through collaboration together we have formed a unique piece that will go with them or to a loved one and be cherished.
From an early age I was always trying to fix chains and jewellery. I remember being fascinated by my mothers box of jewellery filled with odds and ends, things she had been given and things not worn.
My first job upon leaving school, organised by my parents, was in a bank. After six months I was ready to leave and started calling Jewellers, eventually getting a trial as a Jewellery apprentice. Upon completing my four year apprenticeship I took up employment as a creative Jeweller in Londons Carnaby st for two years. Returning to New Zealand at 25 I started working for myself  where I was noticed and commissioned to make metal armour for a television series called Xena. My metal work resulted in me being hired as a sculptor and costume props-maker in the New Zealand Film industry. Australia was to become my home though and when I moved to work on Star-wars and Matrix I decided Australia was where I wanted to be based. Jewellery called me back and when the movies were finished I took a job as a Jewellery tutor in the Stand Arcade of Sydney and eventually moved to Byron Bay to concentrate on my own business again.
As an artist my ideas and creativity blossom when surrounded by nature's natural beauty. I enjoy being involved in the amazing community of Byron Bay, and the creative harmonious working environments people create here.  
I hope you find pieces here that you enjoy and imagine wearing yourself or gifting to someone you love.