Louise Shaw Jewellery

Louise Shaw Jewellery showcases the Jewellery I hand-make in my Byron Bay Studio.
When I was 18 years old, I started a traditional four-year jewellery apprenticeship. Upon completion, I moved to London and continued working in my trade, before shifting direction to enjoy a creative seven years as a metal worker sculptor and props maker, in the Film industry. After my son was born I went back to work as a Jeweller for an upmarket Jewellery business in the Stand Arcade, Sydney.
 Moving to Byron Bay in 2012 to start up my own business, has been expansive and very rewarding.
As an artist, my ideas and creativity have blossomed upon being surrounded by nature's natural beauty, through immersion in the amazing culture around me, and the harmonious working environment. 
The Jewellery I make for customers is informed by their vision and the design expertise I bring as a trade qualified Jeweller. Making custom pieces for people is a joy. I love knowing together we have formed a unique piece, that will go with them or to a loved one and be cherished.  
I hope you find the pieces here inspire you as they do me, and bring you and your loved ones pleasure.
Louise Shaw