Ethical Jeweller in Byron Bay and Ballina

I believe that Jewellery is an important purchase choice and as a Jeweller I have a responsibility to create a trust with my customers. Louise Shaw Jewellery offers custom jewellery, over 90 percent of which has been personally been made by me. Out-sourced jewellery has it noted in the Jewellery description, will be from a Jeweller or manufacturer I know and will have been inspected by me personally for quality control. Quality, beauty and ethical integrity are all are taken onto consideration before a product is made and placed onto the website, so that you can feel secure with your purchase. My workshop is in Byron Bay, so I do a lot of work for customers from Ballina and up to the gold coast and Brisbane as well as over seas.

When manufacturing Jewellery my ethical choice is to buy metal from a merchant that uses only recycled raw materials wherever possible. Rest assured that when purchasing, you are purchasing a quality piece of Jewellery.


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